• Are the plants offered online also available in store? 

Not necessarily. We have separate inventories for online and instore to ensure we can fulfill orders to our customers. We have partnered with some of our growers to ship directly to you, bypassing the regular wholesale 2x process. Some plants ship from right here in NH, others will come from California, Florida, or other locations as we find quality partners to provide new products to you!


  • What if my plant arrives dead, damaged, or sick?

While we do thoroughly inspect and carefully package each order, sometimes things do happen or are missed. Please take photos and email them to us within 48 hours of receiving your order so we can fix the problem for you! We guarantee all our plants for 30 days, so guarantee they will also arrive happy and healthy.

  • Can I return my plant?

Since we have no control over the care of the plant once it arrives to you, we cannot offer returns on live items after an order has shipped. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the order when it arrives, please contact us! We want to make you happy, so don't hesitate to reach out- email or our contact form is best. We do reserve the right to deny a refund if it looks like a plant was neglected or intentionally damaged. Remember: overwatering is the #1 killer of house plants! Don't let overwatering happen to you!

  • How should I care for my plant once I receive it?

First, carefully unpack your items and remove packaging material. Put your plant in a location with bright, indirect light and no strong wind (for example, in front of an air conditioner, strong fan, wind). Water any plants that arrive dry. Do not transplant your new plant for 30 days to lessen any shock from shipping and changes in environment. When transplanting, only increase the pot size by 1" diameter increments and use quality soil and a container that drains well.

We recommend following care guidelines as found on: The Spruce. The number one killer of plants is overwatering so please use care with your new addition! In the summer, use caution to avoid sunburning your plant. 

  • Why do prices differ online from in store?
All of our prices include the cost of shipping for your item, so there are no surprise costs!
  • When will you have ____ in stock for shipping?
Unfortunately, our suppliers and suppliers are also dealing with delays, so we cannot give any accurate information on when items will be back in stock. When it is available, it will be offered here as soon as possible.
  • I really love ___! Can you please carry it?
Please message us! We'd love to hear how we can better serve your home and gardening needs!
  • Are you really open every day in Wilton, NH? 

Yes! Our founder, David and Elaine Goddard committed to having the store open every day of the year and their daughter Abby (our mom) has carried on that tradition. She's a hard worker.